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[   ]mirmon-2.11-tor.tar.gz2022-07-08 21:13 79K
[   ]mirmon-2.11-tor2.tar.gz2022-07-08 21:39 71K
[TXT]mirmon-2.11-tor2.patch2022-07-08 21:39 3.9K

      < mirmon with tor support?? >
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               \  (oo)\_______
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                      ||----w |
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"mirmon-2.11-tor.tar.gz" is my first try.
"mirmon-2.11-tor-2.tar.gz" is my second try.
"mirmon-2.11-tor-2.patch" Diff between original mirmon and with tor support.

Original mirmon:

You need to install torsocks for this.
I personally don't think there is a need for onion mirrors, it even has some
disadvantages. For example you lose the ability to select the mirror closest
to you for faster downloads.